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  1. German lesson 1 - how to greet people: Learn how to greet people in a formal and informal context. How to start a conversation with someone: good morning, good afternoon, good night, good bye, see you tomorrow, how are you, I'm fine, I feel bad,...Video Afspelen
  2. German Lesson 2 - what's your name? where are you from? Where are you from? Where do you live? Formal and informal way. Greetings in german - how to introduce yourself, asking someone's name Have a short conversation in germanVideo Afspelen
  3. German Lesson 3 - The Alphabet: German lesson 3 - in this video we talk about Germany and its Alphabet! I will teach you how to pronounce the alphabet in german. Remember that, depending on the word, the pronunciation changes!Video Afspelen
  4. German Lesson 4 - verb to be, personal pronouns: German lesson 4, verb to be in german, german personal pronounsVideo Afspelen
  5. German Lesson 5 - verb to have: Oktoberfest and verb to have in german - In this lesson, we will talk about Oktoberfest, a very popular festival in München, Germany. We will also study together the conjugation of the verb "to have" at the present simple. So after this lesson you should be able to conjugate "to be" ("sein") and "to have" ("haben").Video Afspelen
  6. German Lesson 6 - The colours: In this lesson I will tell you about Franz Marc a famous german painter, a perfect reason to study the colours in german. Here you will learn how to ask for a colour "what colour is...?" and to answer. And don't worry, we will practice together at the end of the lesson to ask for a colour and to answer.Video Afspelen
  7. German lesson 7- the numbers: In this lesson you will learn to count, we'll see how many federal states there are in Germany and the neighbouring nations of Germany. At the end of the lesson you should be able to count until 20 at least!Video Afspelen
  8. German lesson 8 - the definite articles Let's learn the definite articles in german. In german you have 3 different genders for the article: masculine, feminine and neutral. And we will see a bit of the indefinite articles as well.Video Afspelen
  9. German lesson 9 - Learn the seasons, months and days of the week in german In the lesson of the day, you will know everything about seasons, months and days in german. Repeat them a few times after me, and you will learn them very quickly!Video Afspelen
  10. German lesson 10 - the indefinite article Today we'll visit Hamburg together, the second-largest city in Germany. Then we will study the indefinite article in german. Don't panic! It's really easy!Video Afspelen
  11. German lesson 11 - the family In this lesson, we'll discuss about family, and together we will go through all the family members.Video Afspelen
  12. German lesson 12 - the weather In this lesson we'll go to Frankfurt, the financial centre of Germany and Europe, and we'll learn everything about the weather. So you will be able to describe the weather in your city. "Wie ist das Wetter?"Video Afspelen
  13. German lesson 13 - A new german lesson online with Eva: the Regular conjugation of the present tense. In this lesson, we will study the present tense, we'll start with the regular conjugation of the verbs in -en (like "kaufen" and "machen"). Be attentive, it will get more complicated in the next lesson!Video Afspelen
  14. German lesson 14 - Regular conjugation - part 2 A new German Lesson with Eva; today we will continue to study the regular conjugation. We'll see together the particularities of the regular conjugation of the present tense. After this lesson, you should be able to conjugate most of the german verbs. But don't forget to practice when the lesson is over!Video Afspelen
  15. German lesson 15 - The different uses of the simple present In this lesson, I will tell you about some important german persons and german curiosities! Then we'll study all the different uses of the present, like to say that you are doing something regularly, to say what you are doing at the moment, to talk about something you will do in the future, to talk about something that started in the past but not finished yet,...Video Afspelen
  16. German lesson 16 - More numbers Today, we'll see togeher how to form numbers in german. It's really easy! After this lesson, you will be able to count in german to... 100!Video Afspelen
  17. German lesson 17 - Speaking about free time, the german verbs Today we'll visit Munich, the capital of Bavaria. In this lesson you will learn how to speak about your free time in german with the most common verbs. We'll speak mainly about sport, but also about your hobbies, like cooking, reading,...Video Afspelen
  18. German lesson 18 - how to ask a question in German Today I will start the lesson talking about cars, as it is a very important industry in Gemany. Do you have some question? Then follow this lesson and you will be able to ask questions in german since we'll see together how to form a question, and how to use the interrogative pronouns.Video Afspelen
  19. German lesson 19 - The modal verb: Können In this new lesson you will learn how to use the modal verbs in the german language and how to use them to ask a question: a perfect reason to introduce you to the forms of politeness. Today we'll start with the conjugation of the verb können/can. This lesson is very important because those verbs are used very often! Also be attentive as they are irregular. Don't forget to practice after the lesson!Video Afspelen
  20. German lesson 20 - the german school and the verb müssen In this german lesson you will learn some vocabulary about school and university, and how the education system works in Germany. Then we'll study in particular how to use the modal verb müssen.Video Afspelen
  21. Welcome to german lesson 21 -The modal verbs Durfen and Sollen Today we will discuss ecology, because as you know, Germany is one of the most ecologic countries! Then we will continue to study the modal verb with durfen/may and sollen/shall.Video Afspelen
  22. German lesson 22 - Going to the restaurant Today's lesson deals with going to the restaurant: you will learn how to ask for your favourite food in German!Video Afspelen
  23. German lesson 23 - To like and to dislike In this lesson, I will teach you how to talk about what you like and what you don't like. We'll conjugate the verb mögen which means to like in english, lieben (to love) and hassen (to hate)Video Afspelen
  24. Welcome to German lesson 24 - the prepositions of place In this lesson, I will tell you about Cologne and we will study the prepositions of place in german like next, behind, in front of,... and how to use them in a sentence.Video Afspelen
  25. German lesson 25 - To ask for direction In this lesson I will teach you how to ask for direction in German, so you will never get lost again! So we'll also see some vocabulary related to the street and the traffic.Video Afspelen
  26. German Lesson 26 - German pronunciation (part 1): The pronunciation is important when you start learning a new language. That's why in this lesson I will teach you how to pronounce in German.Video Afspelen
  27. German Lesson 27 - German pronunciation (part 2): In this lesson, we'll be working on the german pronunciation, and I will insist on the diphthongs. How to pronounce in german?Video Afspelen
  28. German lesson 28 - the adjectives: In this lesson we will study the adjective and how to make it agree according to his position, which can be attributive or predicative. I will give you an exemple for the feminine, masculine and neutral form, singular and plural. This way, you will be able to decline any adjective with its article and name. But remember that in german, there is no plural indefinite article.Video Afspelen

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